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U.W. Photography sessions

The best studio for a photography sessions lies under the waves. Let Boaz Samorai -

a renowned photographer to capture your moment underwater in his lens.

צילום אופנה תת ימי

Fashion water photography

The underwater is the best place for a photo shoot. The weightless enviroment. soft light, and 360 degrees options makes it the best place for a photo shoot.

Maternity Photography

If your a water person then the sea is the best place for your maternity photography session. Only in the water you can float weightless and relax and enjoy a lifetime souvenir from this special time in your life.

צילום הריון מתחת למים
צילום תת ימי

Underwater Love
Couples photography

There is no better place to celebrate your love for each other then the underwater world. 


We can meet every demand you would have. For private u.w.

photography sessions please contact directly.

Photography session

30 minutes in the water

1200 NIS

Photography session

60 minutes in the water

1800 NIS

Photography session

120 minutes in the water

2500 NIS