photo by: Boaz Samorai


The world is a book and those who haven't travel have read only one page of it

הכרישים לא חוששים להתקרב לצוללים בחיפושם אחרי שאריות דגים בקרקעית הנמל.jpg

Shark Island - Fuvahmulah

Diving cruise to a special area Of its kind - the southernmost atolls in the Maldives. The dives in this area will provide adrenaline-charged encounters with tiger sharks and other large animals. 

Upcoming trips:

8th May - 15th May 2022

20th - 27th August 2022

December 2022

Mexican Sardine run

Join us for an unforgettable expedition to the nature phenomenon of the sardine migration along the shores of Baja California which attracts various predators such as Marlins and Sail fish.

Upcoming trips:

November 2022

December 2022

  צילום :בועז סמוראי מנטה מובולה מרחפת באוויר, קאבו סן לוקאס, מקסיקו
photo by: Boaz Samorai

Cocos Island

One of the best scuba diving destinations

large schools of hammerhead sharks Is what the Cocos Island diving scene is most famous for, but you can find many other shark and ray species,..

Upcoming trips:

23rd June - 8th July 2022

Orca in the fjords of Norway

Whales & orcas In the North Sea

An exciting journey to the northern fjords of Norway

דרום מצרים

The Red Sea - Sinai

and southern Egypt

אי ירוד בים, האיים המאלדיביים.jpg

Whale shark Manta rays

and more ..





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