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About me

Boaz Samorai, was born and raised in the city of Eilat, along the shores of Sinai and the shores of the city and the Red Sea. Apart from his wife and three children: Reef, Milli and Kai, the sea is his love and he has dedicated his life to it, ever since his childhood in which he spent every spare moment on the shores of Eilat, surfing and diving.

After his release from the IDF as a combat officer, Boaz traveled to the Seychelles to work as a diving instructor, where he met the famous photographer Eitan Gordon, worked as his assistant photographer on his travels in the Indian Ocean and fell in love with the underwater photography world.

To this day Boaz continue to travel around the world,

diving and documenting the wild life.

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During his diving and photography career, Boaz performed many roles, including: managing diving centers, underwater work, research diving and of course underwater photography, which also won him several awards in the international arena.

Boaz currently represent the international diving organization PADI in Israel and is responsible for training diving instructors, leading diving expeditions around the world for various companies and also serves as the test diver for Fantasea underwater housing systems.

Alongside all of this, Boaz founded "Studio Eilat", a photography studio located in the city of Eilat where he uses the camera lens and his unique angle of view outside the water to photograph people, nature and businesses.

Beyond various photography services that combine photography in nature

and in the studio, the studio offers a variety of photography courses individually,

in groups and commercially for companies such as: Masa and others.

Every month, Boaz leads an expedition of divers to the most coveted dive sites around the world. Beyond professional guidance at the highest levels in the world, the diving groups led by Boaz enjoy underwater photography and breathtaking photo albums from their trip.

Boaz has won several awards in international photography competitions and his works have been published in a variety of magazines and nature and fashion channels around the world, including: BBC, F-TV, The Undersea Journal, Diver, Channel 2, Channel 10, the Ministry of Tourism, and more.

Among all these, Boaz delivers various lectures on the subject of diving and underwater photography to a variety of audiences, companies and individuals.
Alongside the daily activities underwater, Boaz volunteers at several organizations for the preservation of the environment and saving lives again and contributes to increasing awareness of the preservation of the environment out of a huge love for the sea and life there.

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Diving around the world

אושן רמזי בצלילה חופשית עם כרישי הנמר.jpg


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Orcas in the Norwegian Fjords

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The Philippines